Psychotherapy – Adults, Young Adults, Couples, Groups

Psychotherapy can be helpful if you are:

  • Feeling flat or dull
  • Unable to fully engage with life
  • Feeling chronically stressed and overwhelmed
  • Managing your life by engaging in unhealthy habits
  • Not expressing your passions
  • Mostly living in a state of doing (accomplishing) rather than being (experiencing)
  • Spending a lot of time being busy yet not having a sense of meaningful accomplishment
  • Wishing to improve relationships in your life

Psychotherapy is a process that can help you:

  • Learn to listen to your inner voice with confidence
  • Discover improved self-esteem
  • Calm your mind, engage your body and understand your emotions Create new movement in your life
  • Develop a vision of what you need to move toward as well as a sense of what you may need to move away from to more fully embrace your life
  • Expand your sense of well-being through working with the three centers of intelligence: Mind, Body and Emotions
  • Identify limiting beliefs and areas were you may be holding back without even knowing it
  • Gain understanding of your energy drains and realign with your intentions
  • Design a self care approach that fits with your unique needs
  • Humanize your inner self-talk by skillfully engaging thoughts rather than trying to repress or ignore them
  • Create a realistic work-life balance
  • Identify stressors and recognize stress as a signal to pay more attention to your experiences
Taylor, Certified Therapy Dog

Taylor, Certified Therapy Dog

Beth’s approach builds skills that will help you:

  • Learn to ask yourself tough questions that get underneath habitual patterns
  • Track your experiences and follow what is happening – pleasant and unpleasant, comfortable and uncomfortable
  • Befriend the parts of yourself that create inner conflict
  • Trust yourself and follow your instincts
  • Use mindful awareness (pay attention on purpose) to observe rather than analyze and judge yourself, others and your experiences
  • Understand that the things happening in your life are feedback. Interpreting this feedback is critical for knowing how to proceed
  • Become more curious and willing to explore your life
  • Develop your ability to make choices that allow you to guide your life rather than feeling as though your life is being controlled by your circumstances

Forms for Download

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“Beth’s skill and intuition combine to create openings — openings to hear and to ask tough questions which have held so many insights for me as a leader and a person.” – Rob K., Human Resources Executive “Beth offers practical approaches for dealing with challenging situations in my life through bringing my awareness to habitual […]

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